A Taboo-free Way to Talk About Periods | Aditi Gupta

The taboo of menstruation is multi-cultural and effects girls and women of all races, religions and more. The presenter wanted to make a normal bodily function normalized. Women are not allowed to worship, be around other members of the family and were forced to be outcast as a result. This taboo has to be broken. A comic book was created where there was an young woman who spoke with the girls at various stages of adolescence and menstruation and taught them about it and proper hygiene. The book has been available in different countries and in several languages and has been made a part of school curriculum in India. If families and parents are unable to initiate the conversation, this will certainly help them get the conversations going. The work she is doing for an entire gender is outstanding. I can only hope her good works spread so that everyone understands, this is totally normal. As the presenter stated in closing, “I dream of a future where menstruation is not a curse or a disease and is a welcome change in a girls’ life.”

Key Points of Video:

  • 1Periods are natural and necessary but still considered taboo.
  • 2Many girls and women face restrictions and discrimination during their periods.
  • 3Sharing stories and information about menstruation will encourage girls to educate themselves about their periods

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