5 Reasons To Love Butternut Squash

5 Reasons To Love Butternut Squash

Winter is just around the corner and the cooler weather has us in the mood for rich, warming foods. 

Soups and stews are so simple to make and can be packed with some of the most nutrient dense foods around. 

One of our favorite winter foods is butternut squash. Butternut squash can be prepared in so many ways and can either be a side dish or the main attraction. 

5 Reasons To Love Butternut Squash 

Carotenoids can be found in the bright orange flesh of a butternut squash. Carotenoids are powerful antioxidants that help fight inflammation, reduce oxidative stress and help you age gracefully.

Vitamin C found in this glorious gourd is essential for a strong immune system. Vitamin C can also help boost your progesterone levels. Including 1 cup of butternut squash into your food rotation can help to balance hormones, reduce cortisol and support adrenal function.

One serving of butternut squash can provide you with the daily recommended amount of vitamin A necessary for fresh, vibrant skin. Beta-Carotene, the vitamin A found in butternut squash, can help encourage healthy cell production creating firmer, younger looking skin.

Not only is butternut squash loaded with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants butternut squash also offers slow release carbohydrates. Slow release carbohydrates, or complex carbohydrates, are digested slower keeping blood sugar stable, energy high and cravings away!

Fiber! Butternut squash is an awesome source of fiber – as well as a complete protein source in any vegan meal. Butternut squash offer 6.6 grams of fiber per cup. The fiber found in butternut squash will keep you feeling fuller longer as well as aide in digestion.

Butternut squash can be added to so many dishes and is easy to prepare. It can be baked, boiled, roasted or sautéed. You can easily add cubed butternut squash to chili or stew. Prepared butternut squash can be blended along with broth and spices to make a delicious soup. 

This winter favorite can be cooked up in so many ways and is a perfect addition for women struggling with symptoms of PCOS. Butternut squash offers quite the list of amazing health benefits, what’s not to love about this seasonal favorite? 

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