Can A PCOS Diet Plan Help Me Get Pregnant?

Can A PCOS Diet Plan Help Me Get Pregnant?

Most women with PCOS deal with being overweight and have higher BMI (body Mass index) numbers. Studies have shown that women who have higher BMI’s have a hard time getting pregnant and staying pregnant.

Richard Sherbahn MD at the Advanced Fertility Center of Chicago did a study on BMI/weight issues and IVF. What he found through his study is that women who have a higher BMI were still able to get pregnant, but at a lower percentage than those who were not obese. So how do they decide who is obese and who isn’t? A person whose BMI is 18.5 or lower is considered underweight, a person whose BMI is 25.0-29.9 is considered overweight but not obese, a person whose BMI is over 30 is obese, a person whose BMI is over 40 is considered extremely obese.

The recommendation for women who have PCOS and are trying to get pregnant whether it is naturally, with IVF or any other type of fertility help, is to try losing weight. The lower BMI count can help your cycle come back normally, which will sometimes help your body ovulate naturally. If you are going through any type of fertility treatments having a healthy BMI will help you conceive, have a healthier body for your baby, and help your chances of carrying to full term.

Women with PCOS normally have the issues of having their ovaries pushed high- away from the top of the vagina due to the extra fatty tissue that is in the pelvic area. This can keep a person from being able have eggs extracted for the IVF treatment due to the doctors not being able to see the ovary clearly as well as having to go push through different organs in the pelvic area, which can be very dangerous.

With the information that is provided it is shown that following a healthy diet and regular exercise is going to help you get pregnant when dealing with PCOS.

The other thing a women suffering from Polycystic Ovarian syndrome (PCOS) might do is look into the Insulite Health all natural supplements that are part of the PCOS 5-Element System. In particular, the PCOS system offers hormone-balancing effects that have been scientifically calibrated to reverse the condition. That means that there is hope for women with PCOS.

Insulite Health, a Boulder, Colorado USA based company, is committed to reversing Insulin Resistance- a potentially dangerous imbalance of blood glucose and insulin. Scientific research has revealed that this disorder can be a primary cause of excess weight gain and obesity, plus Pre-Diabetes and Type 2 Diabetes. Insulin Resistance can also underline the cluster of increased risk factors for cardiovascular damage called metabolic syndrome (Syndrome X) as well as PCOS (polycystic Ovarian syndrome) – a major source of serious disease as well as heartbreaking female infertility.

Recognizing that there are millions of people who need this kind of systematic approach to reverse insulin resistance, Insulite Health has developed systems to address the underlying causes of Metabolic Syndrome, PCOS, excess weight/obesity, Pre Diabetes and Type 2 Diabetes.

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