How is FEAR holding you back from reaching your health goals?

How is FEAR holding you back from reaching your health goals?


Hi beauties. Hey, this is Robin Nielsen and this is Hormone Breakthrough Wednesday. Woo. So excited to be here with you today.

So today, I want to talk a little bit about fear because fear is a lot of times what keeps us from reaching our health goals and living the life we want and the life we so desire. And if our health isn’t where we want it to be, we are not living the life that we want for ourselves. I’m speaking to one of my clients this morning and you know, she was saying that she was able to get through the month and still live her life. That’s a really big deal for her because she’s someone who suffers from incredible migraines. We’ve been able to get her to a place now where she actually has no migraines anymore. She has sort of the hint of a migraine coming on, maybe one to two days out of the month now instead of four a week, used to wipe her out and now she can still live her life. It’s so much better. It’s almost completely healed and it was a brave journey for her because everything that she did affected her brain and her migraines, and so she was afraid to try anything. It’s so interesting that she’s coming to mind right now because I had not anticipated talking about her, but she’s an incredible example of how she’s been able to overcome her fear at this incredible, intense pain to take the next steps on her healing journey.

When I started working with her, I don’t know, four months ago or so, it was, it was a little rough getting started, but she had started embracing more and more of the path that she needs to be on and she’s just seen incredible changes. She can actually live her life and so, of course, if our health is not in the right place, then it’s really hard for us to live the life that we want. Even live our lives. It’s really hard.

I was talking to a gal yesterday, absolutely adorable woman, and same thing, you know, if she’s not working, she wants to go to bed. She turns down so many social events, every social event, because she just doesn’t feel like she can show up for it. She can’t get dressed for it, she doesn’t want to be present for people. She doesn’t have the energy, she doesn’t have the, you know, inner stamina to do it. And so her life has really, really shifted. And you know, sometimes we don’t know how far down we are because it’s such a gradual process of, you know, going from feeling well to feeling really horrible. And so until we start to heal, we don’t really know how bad off we’ve gotten. So I just want to, you know, put that out there so that when you begin to heal, life starts to happen.

I want to do everything I can to help you get those fears out of the way so you can step into what’s next for yourself. So I made a post in our beautiful Facebook group here and you may have seen it, you may have been one of the ones who responded that says, “What is your biggest fear around getting healthy and feeling well?” What was interesting is that it, I didn’t get the answers that I was quite looking for and if you were someone who responded, I would love for you to sit with this just for a moment. If you were not one of the ones who responded, I still want