5 things fiber can do to help improve symptoms of PCOS

5 things fiber can do to help improve symptoms of PCOS

Did you know fiber is one of the most important nutrients we can eat with every meal. Fiber does many jobs once inside the body and is essential for women with PCOS. 

Fiber is a plant based nutrient that can pass through our system almost completely intact. Though it may not change its structure through its journey it definitely has a big job to do. 

For women struggling with symptoms of PCOS fiber is a crucial nutrient to balancing hormones. Fiber has the ability to help balance estrogen, progesterone and testosterone in many different ways. 

Here are 5 things fiber can do to help improve symptoms of PCOS:

Removing Excess Estrogen – Our livers are responsible for removing excess estrogen and moving it along to our digestive tract. If you are not completely eliminating, those old estrogen hormones can begin to re-circulate back into the bloodstream and cause estrogen dominance. Flax seeds are an excellent fiber source to remove excess estrogen. 

Builds Bulk – Fiber builds bulk inside the digestive tract by binding to water. This will help improve bowel function as well as balance hormones and remove excess toxins. 

Slows Insulin Release – Fiber helps balance the release of insulin and aides in keeping blood sugar levels stable. This reduces the chances of diabetes as well as improves symptoms of PCOS. 

Improves Acne and Unwanted Facial Hair – Excess DHEA and testosterone are usually the culprits of unwanted facial hair and acne. Fiber can help bind to these hormones and remove them from your system. 

Improves Gut Health – Fiber is awesome for feeding the good bacteria in the gut. These probiotic bacteria are essential for reducing reabsorption of estrogen inside the digestive tract. 

How much fiber should I have everyday? Where can I get it from?

We suggest aiming for 40 grams of fiber per day. You can get this by enjoying about 2 cups of veggies with every meal. 

Adding additional flaxseed to your morning smoothie is an easy way to boost your daily fiber intake. 

Enjoying your baked sweet potato with the skin can offer almost 4 grams of fiber to your meal!

Eat the rainbow! Most all veggies offer essential fiber – try adding an array of colors and textures to your plate to increase your fiber intake. 

Struggling to get in extra fiber? Try this simple drink to easily add in more fiber daily!

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