Help with Overeating & Cravings

Help with Overeating & Cravings


Hi Natural Hormone Solution beauties. Hey, this is Robin, and it’s really wonderful to be here with you today. Well, we’re going through quite an interesting time, aren’t we? Yes, this is quite an interesting time. I was talking to one of my clients today, and she said, “When I call my friends and if they don’t pick up, I say, I know you’re there.” You know, it’s one of those few times when we know where our family and friends are. I just love hearing what’s going on for you right now. No matter from where you’re joining in, I would just love to hear from you. So, just say hello; give a shout out. We’d love to hear what’s going on for you both mentally, what’s kind of ruminating in your head, and then also what’s going on physically and environmentally for you., What’s going on that’s so different for you right now with all the sheltering in place.

I know that my life is a lot different right now. My older son moved home. He lost his job. He has some other work he’s doing, but as for his main job, he lost it. So, he moved home. We have a very small house, and we have three people in this small house now. So, things are different. Our routines have all changed, and I’d like to say, they’re all messed up, because they are. They’re all messed up.

You know, one of the big challenges with the topic today is how to really support yourself around overeating and cravings right now, because it brings us so much pleasure and comfort, calming and helps us to feel grounded. It can give us energy, can lift our moods, can do all those things. These are really uncertain times, and food is one thing we can do. Right? It gives us that one thing we have control over and it can make us feel so much better temporarily. So, I get why so many of us are going to food right now. I totally get it. So let’s talk about some healthy ways to address this, so we can stay sane, and we can use food not only to help us feel better, but also to really nourish us and keep our hormones more balanced. How about it?

I asked for feedback on what’s going on for you. I just wanted to share what some of you said, and give a shout-out to those ladies who posted. My post was, “Are you struggling with emotional eating cravings or just making poor food choices right now?” I just want to give a shout-out to Darby, Leanne, Grace, Mandy, Caitlin, Shel Mu, Lisa, Sherry, Kristin, Sophia, Lisa, Aditi, Sophie, Cassandra, Jessica and Melissa. Thank you so much for posting and giving me some feedback as to what you’re struggling with. Now, we have to reach out; we have to ask for help, because that’s how we’ll get support. So congratulations for doing that! Way to go! Yeah!.

Let me just share some of your struggles you’re having. So emoti