What Can I Do To Stop My Hair Loss?

Dear Robin: I have a very serious hair fallout issue and confirmed PCOS based on my blood test. My gynecologist currently prescribed the birth control pill to address my hair loss, and told me to avoid sugar. I am not sure if it will cure my hair loss or not. Is there a definite way to reverse the hair loss? I’m worried even if my menses returns to normal, my hair loss won’t. ~ Yv

Dear YV: Hair loss can be caused by many things. That’s because when your body is dealing with constant stress, it goes into survival mode. Growing hair on your head is the last thing on the list when your body is trying to survive, because it takes a lot of energy to grow hair.

Begin by taking inventory of what’s going on for you right now that could be causing hair loss – the things that may be causing your hormones to go haywire.

They can come in the form of low nutrient status, particularly iron, zinc, not enough protein, B vitamins, etc., chronic infections, insulin resistance and androgen excess, too low-carb diet, hormonal birth control – starting or stopping, antidepressants, toxin overload, food sensitivities, illness, thyroid disease, a traumatic event like childbirth, etc.

What’s coming up for you when you read this list? Make a timeline on paper beginning at 3-6 months before your hair began to fall out. This will help you to identify what was going on in your life at that time. Now, what can you do to begin to support your body better?

Watch this video about hair loss.  ~ Robin

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