How To Stick To A Healthy PCOS Diet While Traveling

How To Stick To A Healthy PCOS Diet While Traveling

With summer still in full swing, you most likely have some fun get-away plans! Food while traveling is one of the most common questions within our group so we would like to share some of our favorite tips and tricks on how to not only survive, but thrive while on vacation!

If traveling by car:

  1. You can easily bring along a personal blender.
  2. Pack items that you may not need an entire container of like coconut oil or ghee.
  3. Bring an assortment of protein-packed snacks like raw nuts, beef jerky or hard boiled eggs.
  4. Pack a small cooler for almond, coconut or cashew milks, nut butters and prepared meals.

Look for hotels that offer a kitchen option or at least a refrigerator. You would be surprised how resourceful you can be without having access to a stove!

Make a visit to a grocery store upon arrival to your destination. This will eliminate the desire to order takeout or make a trip through the drive-thru later. Load up on fresh veggies that are easy to prepare like baby carrots, cucumbers and sugar snap peas.

You can also grab a rotisserie chicken and pre-made guacamole from the deli section of the supermarket for a wonderful meal. Pick up some fermented pickles (they are refrigerated), raw sauerkraut or kombucha as well to help keep your digestion in check!

Look for gluten-free crackers made with nuts and seeds to incorporate in your meals, like Mary’s Gone Crackers. These are an awesome carbohydrate source without needing any preparation.

Research restaurants in your vacation area that may offer PCOS-friendly meals. When dining out, opt for a mocktail that uses fresh juices and sparkling water instead of a sugary drink. My favorite is made with sparkling mineral water with a splash of ginger beer, cranberry juice and fresh lime.

If your destination requires a plane ride, bring along a glass container with a pre-made healthy meal. You can take food through security at the airport! Skip the cocktail mid flight – this will help reduce cravings, bloating and dehydration!

Being prepared from now on is your motto! It’s always best when trying to stick to your plan to be so much healthier! Take the time to research grocery stores and restaurants ahead of time and pack snacks. Your body will thank you, and you’ll have a great vacation!

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