What is PCOS and How Do You Know if You Have It?

Welcome to the PCOS Health Channel. We’re so excited you’re here! Because when you do research on your own healing you’re genes actually change the way they express themselves — for the better. And we’re all about helping you continue to move in the direction of your own healing. Because we are passionate about empowering women with PCOS to transform their lives.

What is PCOS and how do you know if you have it?

PCOS stands for polycystic ovary syndrome. It used to be called Stein-Leventhal Syndrome and was discovered back in 1935. And now they’re thinking of renaming it again; because it’s a complicated and confusing syndrome and very hard for the medical community to diagnose.

It’s a hormonal endocrine disorder or syndrome, and women may experience just one — or all of these symptoms:

  • Depression or low moods
  • Irregular, infrequent or completely absent periods
  • Male pattern hair growth – excessive facial or body hair where you don’t want it
  • Male pattern hair loss – hair loss where you want hair
  • Unexpected weight gain, and hard to lose weight
  • Acne
  • High blood sugar
  • Skin tags (raisin-like growths on the skin)
  • Brown skin patches
  • Chronically low energy
  • Exhaustion or lack of mental alertness (brain fog for example)
  • Infertility
  • Anxiety, or
  • Decreased sex drive
  • Miscarriage
  • PMS/hot flashes

If you have an ultrasound, there may be cysts on your ovaries, but maybe not. The symptoms are often different for every woman.

I certainly never knew I had PCOS. Because I didn’t know that all of the symptoms I had were actually a “condition” or “syndrome”. And even if I had gone to the doctor to get checked out, it is very hard to diagnose. There is no cure, no magic pill, and not even any advice to improve the symptoms other than the prevalent use of birth control pills to regulate the menstrual cycle, and Metformin to keep blood sugar levels under control. But these medications don’t help you feel better or heal your body in any way. In fact the side effects from these medications are often worse than the symptoms of PCOS.

Dr. Tami Meraglia, author of The Hormone Secrets says, “I think that the birth control pill is similar to having low oil in your car and having the red light come on, and then just turning off the red light. You’re not solving any problems, you’re just fixing the outward expression of the problem.”

PCOS treatment system

I went on the birth control pill to help manage some of my symptoms. My body blew up like a balloon; because one of the problems with PCOS is low progesterone levels. And the birth control pill is mostly estrogen with some synthetic progesterone called Progestin, that doesn’t look like our natural progesterone at all. So my hormone imbalance only got worse.

I had acne beginning in my teens, and I always felt bloated and inflamed and no matter what I did I couldn’t lose weight. I was told that it was baby fat and would eventually go away. I had horrible mood swings from happy to depressed in no time flat. I was irritable and used food to make me feel better. Sometimes I felt like I was slogging through mud — life felt hard. I was constipated and often had pain in my abdominal area. But I didn’t know it wasn’t normal. I just didn’t talk about it.

Then came my 20s. I felt like I had arthritis in my hands. They hurt to close them at times. I was so fortunate to have two beautiful children, but then I had a miscarriage. That was very traumatic. And this is “normal” for women with PCOS. Miscarriages are very common.

It wasn’t until my late 30s that I had had enough. I was determined to figure out why I still struggled with acne, weight, digestive problems and now neck and shoulder issues. I was visiting the chiropractor weekly.

So I began to do research. And then I went back to school. And slowly, through trial and error I began to heal my body. By the time I was in my early 40s I finally felt the best I had ever felt in my entire life. Finally.

As you can imagine, I want to shorten learning curve for you. The PCOS Health Channel was created to share everything PCOS. Everything that has to do with hormone imbalance.

And it begins with the biggies, insulin and cortisol.

That’s because women with hormonal imbalance tend to have higher stress hormone output, and that means higher levels of insulin. Ultimately it’s an insulin-resistant disorder that disrupts the way we metabolize blood sugar due to higher levels of stress, inflammation, a diet that doesn’t support us, and other lifestyle factors that upset the delicate balance between the body’s two nervous systems: fight or flight and rest and digest.

Studies show that women with PCOS suffer from stress more, and have a harder time getting blood sugar into the cells to burn for fuel. So we tend to be better at storing fat, and are tired because we can’t burn blood sugar for fuel very effectively.

So we feel tired and wired. And it stinks.

But the good news is, you have all the power. I encourage you to become the CEO, the princess, the queen or even the Goddess of your own health. Because your healing is in your hands. And your healing journey begins right now. We’re here to support you every step of the way.

Next Steps

Becoming victorious over the symptoms of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome is not an easy task, but you can overcome your symptoms to live the life you deserve.

It takes strength, courage, and perseverance. It can be challenging and that’s why Insulite Health created the PCOS 5-Element System. It’s a step-by-step process that will help you balance your hormones and reverse PCOS symptoms using our proprietary 5% Solution.

So take the next steps now! Use the links below to learn how to make the changes that will transform your health and your life forever.

  1. Read more about PCOS
  2. Take the PCOS Test and assess your risk!
  3. Learn more about the Insulite 5-Element PCOS Solution

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Robin is an Integrative Clinical Nutritionist, Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition. She comes to Insulite Health with a passion for helping women live vibrant, passionate lives. Robin had her own struggles with health. As a teenager she suffered from digestive disorders, weight, acne and hypoglycemia. As an adult she continued to struggle with balancing blood sugar, adult acne, mood swings, weight gain, arthritic conditions in her hands and chronic inflammation. Robin understands first hand how symptoms of poor health can keep us from living the life we dreamed of.

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