Boost Testosterone Naturally

Boost Testosterone Naturally

Men usually worry about their testosterone level only when they start experiencing low libido or have problem having an erection. But, testosterone is responsible for proper functioning of many of our systems, in men and women. In men, low testosterone can lead to obesity, bones prone to easy breaking, loss of muscles, depression, loss of hair, low energy and low self-esteem. Very low testosterone level in men can increase their danger of heart attack.   The good news is that, in most cases, men who have low testosterone can boost it naturally, with simple changes in lifestyle and diet.

Why men lose testosterone?

Losing one percent of testosterone every year after you turn 40 is normal part of ageing. But, it does not mean we should simply accept it. Many physicians recommend starting boosting testosterone level when you are in your 20s and 30s, so that you have a good head start and losing one percent a year will not be such a big deal.

  • In a small number of cases, low testosterone has physical causes, such as injury to the testicles, some kind of pituitary disorder or uncorrected undescended testicles. But, I most men, low testosterone is caused by lifestyle choices.
  • Obesity is one of the biggest causes of low testosterone. More than 30 percents of extra weight causes increased production of estrogen and the decrease in the production of testosterone.
  • Unfortunately, overweight people make things worse by going on a crash diet and starving themselves. Starvation is a signal to the body that there is a problem, and when there is a problem, there is no procreation, so no need for testosterone, and our body stops producing it.
  • Abuse of alcohol is another common reason for decreased production of testosterone. While moderate drinking puts you in the right mood for sex, more than three glasses negatively affect our endocrine system, causing it to produce less testosterone.
  • Lack of sleep also affects the production of testosterone. That is why so many men have morning erection ” “ rested body reacts by increased production of male hormone.
  • Interestingly, taking advantage of morning erection is another way to boost the production of testosterone ” “ just having an erection tells our body to produce it.

Sex foods

Oysters have been advertised for centuries as an aphrodisiac, an instant boost to a good sex and strong libido. The reason for this is that oysters are rich in zinc, a mineral that is needed for the normal functioning of the reproductive system in men. Lack of zinc affects male fertility and the production of testosterone.