How To Cut Your Healthcare Costs? Don’t Get Sick!

How To Cut Your Healthcare Costs? Don’t Get Sick!

In 2007, Americans spent $2.24 trillion on health care. An average American family of four spent about $16,700. What is even scarier is the fact that these costs are growing much faster than an average income.  We can despair, move to Canada where the health care is free, or do something about it. And that is where the good news comes in: there is a lot we can do to cut these costs, if we remember the good old saying that ” “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” .

Paying for the lifestyle

According to the Forbes magazine, Americans spent $76 billion on heart conditions, $42 billion on high blood pressure and $34 billion type 2 diabetes. Medical costs linked to obesity cost Americans $147 billion, or about 9% of total medical costs. All of these expensive medical conditions are directly linked to our lifestyle. So, let”s change it. Instead of waiting for the government to decide the future of our health care and worrying if we are going to be able to pay for the doctor when we get sick, let”s do everything in our power so that we do not get sick. That means changing our diet, becoming more physically active and taking care of our mental and emotional needs.  You can take the HealthStatus Health Risk Assessment to find out what specific lifestyle changes you should make to live a healthier life.

Go slowly

Changing to a healthy lifestyle takes time. If you were a couch potato your entire life, joining the gym only means that you will have another bill to pay and will probably use it once or twice. If your grandmother and mother deep fried everything, or if you think that the height of culinary delights is a quarter pounder with cheese, you will need to start with small changes if you want them to stick.

Before you start making big changes in your nutrition and lifestyle, you have to convince yourself that the changes are possible and that you can do it. It is in your power. Slowly but surely, one day by one, you can change life-long habits and start living healthy life.

Changing diet

If you are obese, this is going to be your most important change. Obesity affects every organ in our body, it causes many chronic disease including heart condition, diabetes and stroke. It makes you depress