The holidays bring tons of fun. Friends and family, tree trimming and feasts; it’s an exciting time. It can also bring on the stress. Especially if you’re on track to lose weight. Common advice is often to not diet during the silly season, but just because it’s the time of year end celebration doesn’t mean you have to put off your weight loss progress, or let the pounds pile on. Some simple strategies can keep you on track, even amid parties and delectable treat filled events.

It can be as simple as setting a goal in your mind, anytime you go to an event. Remind yourself you’re there to see Uncle Tim, or network with work colleagues, and so on. When you do eat, make sure to eat slowly, and practice portion control to avoid eating past what your body actually wants. By staying focused on what you’re attending for, you can avoid mindless snacking.

Between festive happenings, start your day with a bit of self help reminding. What are your goals, how are you going about reaching them, and what could throw you awry from making progress? Again, staying focused. And when it comes to focus, that definitely applies to relatives who come bearing sweet gifts. Remember; it’s not unsociable to trim what you put on your plate, or in your mouth.

Key Points:

  • 1Remind yourself why you’re at a party or event; and stay on course and away from the buffet.
  • 2Even though relatives might get pushy when you don’t eat what they’ve brought, stick to your plan and reach your goals.
  • 3Take time both when selecting what goes on your plate, and while you eat; give your body time to decide it’s full.

Another way too much pie and wine make it into our bellies is oversized plates and glasses. When possible, choose the smaller ones.


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