5 Ways Electric Bikes Help You Lose Weight

Cycling is considered to be one of the best forms of cardiovascular exercise that anybody can do. It offers a wide array of other benefits like strengthening bones and muscles, improving heartbeat rate, and burning excessive cholesterol, thus helping in weight loss.

Now the question is: “Can electric bikes help you to get fit and lose weight?” The answer is yes. E-bikes can undoubtedly help you to get fit and aid in weight loss.  

Electric bikes are known to assist the pedaling effort of a rider. Riding an e-bike is an excellent physical exercise. By continuously using e-bikes, you can burn your calories quite swiftly, enabling you to get fit and lose weight.

E-bike can prove to be as good as any other trip as you can feel the freshness and also stay healthy at the same time. E-bikes keep you fit, unlike cars. In cars, you can get bored easily sitting all the time indoors on the same seat.  

Indeed, one of the major advantages of choosing an electric bike as your weight-loss medium is that you are more likely to actually ride an e-bike than, say, running a mile or donning lycra shorts and heading to the local gym.  

The following are five tips that may help you lose extra weight by riding an electric bike. Also, seeing your doctor and ensuring you are adequate for cycling is always a good idea. Your doctor may also recommend dietary changes.


Health Tip 1: Diet Is Very Important

When planning to lose weight, remember that you need to ingest fewer calories than you want to burn. Physical activities are essential for losing that unwanted fat. This physical activity is where riding on your e-bike enters.  

Stop eating unwanted food and change your diet. If you do both, that is, less ingesting and more exercising, you can successfully get that slim body.  

However, just because you’re eating less doesn’t mean you stay  hungry. When you eat healthy foods like fruits and vegetables and avoid processed foods, fast food, and fatty foods, you can often feel just as satisfied.

You can discuss specific dietary recommendations with your doctor, but here are a few diet suggestions.

  • Eat four or more meals of fruit and vegetables every day
  • Replace the refined grains with whole grains
  • Lessen the fat intake, but you can eat nuts and avocados
  • Eliminate sugar as much as you can
  • Dairy products can be omitted since these cause inflammation
  • Reduce the consumption of meat


Health Tip 2: Make a Goal to Lose Around 1 kg Every Week

I know it is tough to meet the goals, especially when it is about losing weight. But you must set some realistic goals for daily motivation. For starters, you can have a goal of losing around 1 kg within a week of e-biking.  

To lose 1 kg weight every day, you have to consume proper diet food and engage in regular e-biking. Normally, if you want to lose 1 kg in a week, you must burn around 500 to 1000 calories. You shouldn’t consume more calories than this daily.    


Health Tip 3: Ride for almost 300 Minutes

Burning some real fat will require you to take longer rides than just a casual trip around the neighborhood. I suggest you ride for almost 300 minutes a week. This is not more for starters.

You must divide these 300 minutes into three to four rides. Try taking your e-bike to work, if you commute by car or by public transport. Try including your e-bike in routine activities like taking your nephews or nieces to the park on weekends, going to meet a friend, and so on.  

Start slowly with small rides and then gradually increase the time. Start with riding 40 minutes a week to 300 minutes a week. Electric bikes give riders a lot of control over how much physical exertion they need to ride, making them especially useful for people who want to get in shape but gradually need to ease into it.      


Health Tip 4: Seek Reasons to Ride

You’ll require motivation. You’ll need a reason to get on your electric bike if you’re going to ride your way to fitness.

You could, for example, pledge to ride your bike to the grocery store rather than driving. You’ll save money, help the environment, and have a reason to get out on the bike. Get on your e-bike if you need almond milk. Want to make a Thai green curry with cauliflower, zucchini, and eggplant? Get on your bike and ride.

Perhaps you’re planning a beach vacation with your family. Consider posing for a group photo with your fit, thin self wiggling your toes in the sand. Consider how good you’ll appear on Instagram. Consider the alternative. What will happen if you do not lose weight?


Health Tip No. 5: Ride Around the Year

Fitness is something that you need to continue throughout the year. Many people ride their e-bikes in all kinds of weather and all kinds of temperatures. You need to be one of these people.  

I know you might need extra biking gear; you will also need to plan your bike rides. Once you start developing it, you are going to love it.    


Final Words

Electric bikes are a blessing in disguise for people trying to lose weight. Once you start riding an electric bike by following the tips mentioned in this blog, you will begin losing weight gradually and feel lightweight as time goes by. So, if you wish to remain in the pink of health, I would advise you to get an electric bike today!  


About the Author:   Graeme McLaughlin    Graeme is the Marketing Head at Evelo, a data nerd, and an E-bike enthusiast who is always excited about testing new bikes. After years of riding and coming from a career in cycle sales, he is still passionate about bicycles. Based in Vancouver, he enjoys riding everything from solo adventures in the mountains to big social night rides.


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