5 Weight Loss Resolutions To Skip This Year

5 Weight Loss Resolutions To Skip This Year

Losing weight is a common New Year’s resolution, but there are some common errors we make when we tell ourselves “this year, I’ll work on slimming down.” While the New Year is a chance to turn the page to a fresh and clean one, even the best intentions may not be enough to keep from wrinkling it up with frustrating failure.

A major factor in sticking to your resolution is often being clear in what you want. Not just “losing weight”, but how much, and how often. Decide upon your goal, but setting some clear ways to pursue it offers the psychological reassurance of being able to better track your progress. You’re not doing something nebulous like “losing weight”, you’re “going to the gym three times each week, for at least an hour per visit.” Specifics can help you stay on track.

Another stumbling block is trying to reach the goal too quickly. Major wholesale changes in both diet and exercise can throw you off, and cause you to backpedal into old habits just to feel the familiar again. Look for progressive changes that you can make in smaller steps, to ease yourself into your new routines. This can help you keep your attention focused on the goal, rather than staying mired in how unsettled you are over the changes.

Key Points:

  • 1Setting a clear goal with concrete steps you can pursue is more likely to yield results than a vague resolution.
  • 2Don’t rush into your resolution; ease into the changes in your routine and lifestyle to make it more likely they’ll stick.
  • 3Just because you stumble or backslide with your resolution is no reason to give up; mistakes happen and it’s okay.

For this reason, all of your energy should go into building healthier lifestyle habits, not chasing better results.

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