9 Mindful Eating Secrets To Get You Through The Party Season

9 Mindful Eating Secrets To Get You Through The Party Season

Bianca Monley the Eat Fit Food founder gives 9 practical ways to survive the holiday season. Method #1 is to keep yourself hydrated. It is important to drink one glass of water for each alcohol based drink that you consume. Drinking water will make you feel better the next day. Method #2 is to get moving. You must exercise to stay on track. Exercise gives you energy. Method #3 is to return to healthy eating habits. It is okay to have one unhealthy meal, but you must avoid eating unhealthy for several days. Method #4 is choosing wisely. Select foods that are high in protein and lower in fats or carbs. Method #5 is plan ahead. You must plan ahead in order to be successful. If you plan on attending a Christmas dinner on Friday, then you should eat healthy ahead of the event. Staying positive is method #6. Do not beat yourself up for having one night of overindulgence. It is okay to eat unhealthy for one night. Life should be fun and one night of overindulgence will not derail your plan for a healthier you. Watching your alcohol intake is method #7. Alcoholic drinks contain a lot of sugar and empty calories. Therefore, we should choose drinks that have less sugar and calories such as vodka, fresh lime and soda. Method #8 is have healthy meals planned during the week before your event. Eating healthy all week allows you room to indulge in unhealthy food for the one day. The final method is to have fun. Enjoy your family, friends and the Holidays. Enjoying life has benefits too such as bringing joy to our lives.

Key Points:

  • 1Alcohol dehydrates you; so to avoid a painful hangover, match every drink with one of water so you’re not hurting the next morning.
  • 2You need exercise the most when you’re least willing to get moving; so reach for your discipline and push yourself to stay active.
  • 3Don’t let the guilt of indulging at a celebration hang over you and divert you from your goals; just stay focused and moving forward positively.

Try and opt for just one meal not a few days of unhealthy eating. The longer you eat badly the worse you will feel.

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