Those Last 10 Pounds

Can’t lose those last 10 pounds?  Or has your diet hit a plateau?  Let’s pull together some ideas to help you jump start your body to drop that remaining weight.

The closer you get to your ideal weight the slower the pounds come off which make those last 10 pounds seem like they are never coming off.  Your body weight is tied to your metabolism.     If you lose 10% of your body weight your metabolism drops by 15%.  This means it gets harder to lose more weight.  But there are ways to trick your metabolism.

The first thing to try is eat a big breakfast.  This tricks your body into thinking that there are plenty of calories which will make your metabolism rev up.  Now in order to keep your calories down this means eat a smaller lunch and even less dinner.  Your breakfast calories will be burned off by your revved up metabolism and it won’t notice your body is on limited calories until the evening when it will automatically slow everything down.

Try weight lifting the more muscles you have the better.  Muscle burns more calories.  Lifting weights also increases your metabolism even when you stop exercising.

Drink lots of water to keep your stomach full.  Also for this time to break your plateau or drop those last 10 drink only water all day long (this is temporary) but there are no calories in water.

Change up your exercise routine to fool your metabolism.  Don’t let your body adapt to the same routine.  Try new exercises yoga, dance, or bicycling anything outside your norm.  Try to exercise different muscle groups.

Eat protein throughout your day to keep you blood sugar even.  This helps you from feeling that crashing feeling, like there is no energy left.

It is time to start a food log.  If you never done a food log now may be the time to jot down everything you eat.  Where are those calories hiding?  How many teaspoons of sugar in that coffee?  Try giving up condiments on your sandwiches.  Little things like sugar and condiments may be keeping you from losing those last few pounds.

Cut back on portion sizes, just a few bites per item on your plate.  Tiny steps that don’t starve you, remember you don’t want your metabolism to bottom out.  Once you get to your goal weight you will be able to increase your portions to a maintenance level.

If you still can’t budge that scale get the help of a professional trainer.  They can help customize an exercise and nutrition routine that should get your weight moving in the direction you want to go.

Even a little extra weight is harmful.  Studies show carrying as little as 10 pounds of excess weight increases your risks of heart disease, stroke, diabetes and cancer.  Don’t get discouraged your goal is important, you CAN get there!


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