Book Review: The Complete Beck Diet for Life by Judith S. Beck, Ph.D.

Book Review: The Complete Beck Diet for Life by Judith S. Beck, Ph.D.

This book presents a couple of ideas that struck me as revolutionary:
1. It’s your thoughts that are sabotaging your weight and
2. The number on your scale is just a number.

This book features The Think Thin Eating Plan. If you are thinking what I am thinking, if all we had to do was “think thin” to be thin there would be no one with a weight issue. But in this book you are shown how to change your thinking, which leads to changed behavior, which leads to weight loss. It is not just calories; it’s changing that internal dialogue that can set you up to succeed or to fail. Dr. Beck will walk you through how to systematically talk to yourself to rid yourself of toxic thoughts, create for yourself new motivations to help you, and show you how to record the advantages of your new behaviors which will rescue you in times of stress.

When we don’t feel well we often take our temperature. The number on the thermometer will help us decide our course of action. Dr. Beck tells us to take that same approach to the number on the scale. Based on your number on the scale you decide your course of action. Don’t take it personally, it is a number it is not tied to the value you have as a person. Be analytical not emotional use the number as data in a problem to be solved. Wow, have no fear of the scale. She will show you how to get over the emotion and use the scale as your tool.

Dr. Beck’s program is 5 steps that do include restricting calories and increasing activity but the main focus to keep you from yo-yoing is to change your thinking. Cognitive therapy is a highly effective form of talk therapy. And this program gives you the skills to create card decks that you will use to “talk” to yourself, ultimately changing behaviors which will lead to weight loss without going to a therapist.

This book was just released December 2008.


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