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Aerobic exercise can range from walking to aerobics classes and on through running, jogging, rowing, skiing or anything that increases the heart rate and respiratory rate. After weeks of exercise or planning a new workout routine many people ask how many calories does aerobic exercise burn?

Estimating the number of calories burned during an activity is based on several different factors. These factors include the weight of person doing the exercise, the exercise being performed, the intensity level, the fitness of the person and the amount of time.

Calorie burn will be greater for a person who weighs more than a person who is smaller; and greater for men than women (in general) because men have a greater amount of muscle. Women who have more muscle than other women will spend more calories doing the same activity as women with less muscle.

The duration of the activity will also factor into how many calories does aerobics burn during the exercise. It stands to reason that the more exercise that is performed the more calories are burned.

The greater the intensity during the exercise the more calories are burned. This holds true but may not have the effect that you’d anticipate. For instance elite athletes who workout at a high level of intensity may not burn a large percentage more calories than a person doing the same exercise whose fitness level is less and whose intensity is also less. The percentage difference isn’t always great between these factors.

A calorie burned calculator is the best way to figure the number of calories burned unique to each individual. A calculator takes into account a person’s weight and duration of different exercises. You can estimate the average number of calories that will be burned during certain activities to give you a general idea. For example you guesstimate that you are burning around 450 calories per hour when in an aerobic class setting working moderately hard.

One pound of body weight is equal to 3500 calories. It is hard to lose weight with exercise alone. A combination of fewer calories consumed and exercise makes the most sense.

For instance – if your normal daily intake is around 1900 calories you would have to give up 400 calories per day to lose 1 pound over approximately 9 days. BUT if you give up 300 calories and workout using another 300 calories (five days a week) it would take approximately 6 days to lose 1 pound.

Researchers have also found that losing weight slowly gives the dieter a better chance of losing and keeping the weight off.

Go to the calories burned calculator at and see how many calories you are burning with your current activity level and what different sports and exercises could help you burn more.


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  1. Herbalife

    Interesting indeed. Despite all the new exercise methods out there to burn all those fat, aerobics certainly does pack a punch if done correctly. I lost over 22 pounds doing plain aerobics only. Some thing I was really proud of.

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