How Many Calories Burned Running

As obesity and heart disease rates rise, more people are looking for ways to improve their weight and cardiovascular health, burn more calories, and extend their life expectancy. One of the best ways to solve a  plethora of health issues is to take up a new workout plan. Running is one of the best workouts for beginners; it has no learning curve, requires no costly gym memberships and is accessible to just about everyone. Here are some reasons to start running today, and an estimate of the number of calories burned running.

Burn Calories Running

One of the biggest contributing factors to poor health is overweight or obesity. While only a healthy diet is guaranteed to take off the pounds, a cardiovascular workout can help to speed along the process. People who begin a running regimen find that the weight begins to fall off with ease.  Running burns a lot of calories, you can use our calories burned calculator to get an estimate of how many you burn when you run.

Heart Health

Keeping the blood pumping is one of the best ways to maintain good cardiovascular health. Running  helps  to keep your heart healthy and your blood pressure normal. Those with a history of heart conditions should check with their doctors before beginning any new workout routine, though. Some patients at risk of heart attack may need a more low-impact workout, such as walking or jogging.

Improved Mood

“Runner’s high” isn’t just a myth, it’s a real thing. Those who are suffering from low morale or mild depression can make dramatically positive changes to their mental well-being by running. A natural antidepressant, running releases endorphins, the hormones that make you happy and positive.

Improved Muscle Tone

Running works the muscles in your legs and buttocks, allowing you  to improve your muscle tone without lifting heavy barbells at a gym. Not only will it help you achieve that lean look,  but you’ll also find your clothes fit better after a few weeks of regular running.

There is no reason for you not to embark  on a new running routine. Start slowly and progress as you build your endurance. Before long, you’ll see improvement in your mood, body and overall health.


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