There are a lot of people that struggle to keep weight off. According to studies done in Australia with over 9,000 participants there are five key characteristics of people that dictate diet success. This can be a main contributor to why so many people fail when trying to diet. Learning more about you and your personality could be the key to success. Let me tell you about the five characteristics.

The first characteristic are cravers. More than 58% of cravers are obese due to the simple fact that is hard to resist temptation. Cravers tend to diet a lot more than all the other characteristics.

17% are socializers and they and they tend to mix food and alcohol.

Now we are brought to the Thinker who tends to overanalyze and have unrealistic expectations.

The freewheeler is a spontaneous eater and 55% are obese.

Last but not least is the foodie who is usually of normal weight and is passionate about food.

Which category do you think you fall under? Do you think it is easy to recognize the signs and change your behavior pattern? Knowledge is power knowing who you are and how you can change it is key factors to getting you the body you always wanted. Never stop believing in yourself.

Key Points:

  • 1The reason it may be hard for some to lose weight is because of their personality and habits.
  • 2Age seems to be another factor in why people find themselves falling off the bandwagon.
  • 3If people can learn to recognize what their “food personality” is, they may be more likely to pin point what they need to change in order to lose weight.

In the biggest diet and personality survey ever conducted, scientists say personality is central to your ability to maintain a healthy diet.


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One thought on “Can’t Lose Weight? Your Personality Might Be What’s Holding You Back

  1. Amy

    This article is awful. There is very little information about any of the characteristics and there is absolutely no information about how to deal with the characteristic you have and how to lose weight with it. Very disappointed.

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