Best Cardio For Weight Loss: A HIIT Workout

What Is HIIT?

High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT is interval workouts that have been around for a long time. The HIIT routine uses intervals of high intensity exercises followed by intervals of light to moderate intensity exercise or recovery intervals. This training provides many advantages that usual exercise routines do not offer. Doing just aerobic, anaerobic, fat burning or cardio or even muscular endurance cannot burn fat and help you lose weight as fast and efficiently as HIIT can.

If you have ever run on a treadmill or used a cardio machine and realized that you have been working as hard as you can for say fifteen minutes and find yourself getting discouraged know that there is a better way than just running on the cardio machine. Utilize interval training to rejuvenate your workouts. Athletes use interval or HIIT training and what is good for athletes can be good for everyday exercisers. All types of exercises can use HIIT. Aerobic intervals propose a nonviolent way to leave your comfort zone. For those who are seasoned exercisers, anaerobic intervals make for challenging and efficient workouts. HIIT has even shown patients with COPD how to work hard and get good results.

Benefits of HIIT

Interval training will teach your heart to pump more blood and it will train muscles to extract oxygen more efficiently. If you are pressed for time, HIIT is a more efficient way to workout. You can get more intense exercise done in a shorter amount of time. When you interval train the usage of fats and cars are enhanced. You will find that you have more power and endurance at high intensity rates. Your lactate threshold will improve with your usage of HIIT. There is a reduced risk of injuries when using HIIT. You are varying intensity and you are able to avoid overuse of muscles. It is more fun to vary your exercise routine than just run on a treadmill for endless minutes. Weight loss is increased and after burn can be achieved which helps with additional fat and weight loss.

What are the Best Cardio Exercises for Weight Loss?

HIIT exercises can be specific programs that are done in specific intervals. They also be traditional exercises done in an intense, rest, intense format. You use what specific exercises best suit your physical condition and your exercise goals. Cardio exercises are defined as those that get your heart rate into a target heart rate zone. Try running, then resting, treadmill, then resting, box jumps, resting, sled pulling, resting, or any combination of sprinting, elliptical, thrusters, jump rope and biking. Weight training and pushups plus power cleanse or just about any other exercise that is heart exercising can be done in intervals. Any activity can be used for HIIT training. You just need to do very intense exercise sets for a specific amount of time followed by a recovery period. Repeat the sets as many times as you feel are necessary to meet your weight loss and cardio goals.

Use the following as an example of HIIT for cardio: Run on a treadmill or sprint around the track for thirty seconds. Rest, then repeat. Push your car down the driveway for thirty seconds, rest thirty seconds then repeat. Interval lengths depend on your current condition levels and your workout goals. Start with a few repeats of shorter intervals and longer intervals of rest. Over time increase your work intervals and increase your recovery intervals. Increase the number of sets you do to meet your goals.


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