Creating a Weight Loss Support Network

Losing weight can be overwhelming and frustrating at times, so it pays to create a network of supportive, encouraging people that you can turn to when you just don’t feel like you can go it alone any longer. The people in your support network don’t necessarily have to be “diet buddies” or “fitness buddies” but they should at least be people that are normally supportive of you – don’t pick people with whom you have difficult relationships.

Here’s where to look for your support partners:

Family Members: Your parents, siblings, spouse, adult children, aunts, uncles, and cousins can all be wonderful support partners.

Friends: Your closest friends are natural candidates for support partners too.

Co-workers: Are you close to any of your co-workers? If so, they’d probably be happy to partner with you and help you to achieve your goals.

Neighbors: If you have any close neighbors that you are friendly with, they would be good candidates since they are close enough to visit on short notice.

Online: If you don’t feel comfortable talking to the people closest to you, find some good weight loss discussion forums or clubs online! These places are filled with people who are eager to help others achieve their weight loss goals.

Whoever you partner with, remember that it goes both ways, too! If these people are supporting and encouraging you, you should also be willing to be there for them – even if the support they need is not related to weight loss. Do your best to be there for them whenever you can, even if it’s just to listen to them and encourage them in their life goals. Be a supportive person and you’ll attract supportive people into your own life.

If you truly can’t or don’t want to partner with people from your family or social circle, hire a weight loss coach or personal trainer who will work with you and keep you accountable. Choose someone you feel comfortable with, but also someone who will be firm with you and not accept any excuses. Support is great but sometimes you need brutal honesty too!



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