Diet Tips You Can Use Right Away

Do you need some simple reminders to kick start your way to better health and fitness? Then here are some easy tips for you.

Today, do some stretches for fifteen minutes while you watch TV. Alternatively, march on the spot while watching.

Want to relax? Play some slow music

A new Oxford University study shows that music played at a slow tempo slows down the respiration rate — our breathing. Slow, deep breathing has been linked to lower blood pressure, and may help the lungs to work more efficiently. It was shown that a person’s preference in music was less important than the music’s pace, so even if you prefer music with a rapid beat, listening to slow music improves your health. The study’s findings are publishing in the medical journal Heart.

Other studies have shown that slow music can release stress and improve athletic performance.

If you want to eat when stressed, play some slow music to become calmer without eating.

Eat your veggies — they’re full of water and goodness
Vegetables are juicy, tasty and crunchy vitamin pills, and they fill you up because they contain lots of water.
Cucumbers (96 percent water)
Lettuce (95 percent water)
Green peppers (93 percent water)
Cabbage (93 percent water)
Asparagus (92 percent water)
Cauliflower (92 percent water)
Spinach (92 percent water)
Broccoli (91 percent water)
Beets (91 percent water)

You should aim to eat at least five servings of fruit and vegetables a day. What’s a serving? As a visual cue, a serving is the amount you could hold in your cupped hand. It’s: * Half a cup of vegetables, cooked or raw
* One cup of raw leafy vegetables
* Three quarters of a cup of vegetable juice
* A medium apple, banana or orange
* Half a cup of chopped, cooked or canned fruit
* Three quarters of a cup of fruit juice

Eat your sprouts
A study in the medical journal the Lancet reported that eating vegetables from the cabbage family reduces the risk of lung cancer for people with a certain gene which puts them at greater risk of getting the disease. It’s believed that around half the population have this particular gene.

It seems that vegetables such as cabbage, broccoli and sprouts are rich in chemicals called isothiocyanates, which strongly protect against lung cancer, so eat some sprouts today.

Today, clean out the fridge and pantry. Toss out all unhealthy food choices, like cream, butter, chocolate, and cakes

The food you eat affects your brain
Mood, performance and motivation are all affected by diet. Some researchers believe that a diet which contains a high proportion of fatty foods and fewer fruits and vegetables may be a major cause of depression and aggression; such a diet is common in men.

Foods rich omega-3 fatty acids are good for the brain, because it’s through a fat-rich cell membrane that all nerve signals pass.

Want to improve your mood? Take some Vitamin B. If you’re feeling stressed, eat some carbohydrate, preferably without protein or fat.

Snooze to lose: sleep is just as important to your health as food and exercise
The easiest way to lose weight and improve your overall health may be to get enough sleep. Recent studies show that when you get insufficient sleep over a long period of time, it can compromise your immune system. Researchers at the University of Chicago found that volunteers who slept just four hours a night for a week upset their hormonal and metabolic systems. This meant that although theoretically being active for longer hours burned more calories, the changes in hormone levels lead to increased appetite and increased food consumption.

They concluded that chronic sleep loss hastened the onset of health problems like diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity. Another study showed that getting insufficient sleep can increase your chances of getting a heart attack.

If you’ve been cutting down on your sleep, the best thing you can do for your health and fitness is to ensure that you get your full eight hours every night.


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17. February 2010
17. February 2010
I really love sliced carrots with any kind of dressing. I think that it is healthy and when you eat carrots you get better suntan - try works.


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