Passing Gas and Belching and Your Health

Passing Gas and Belching and Your Health

Does Farting Burn Calories?

Nowadays, with the way that the internet works, health myths can get started that are completely false. Anybody can answer a question on an informational website. Once the answer is picked up by the search engines, it can spread throughout the internet in a way that can grant legitimacy in the eyes of the public.

This is exactly what happened with regard to the issue of whether or not passing gas can burn significant amounts of calories. On one site, it was said that one fart burns approximately 67 calories. Farting 52 times in a day can burn off one pound of fat.

As it turns out, the myth that got rolling is completely false. This is because, when you pass gas, all of the work is done by the gas itself. Even if you really strain when you pass the gas, the exertion will not burn more than a miniscule amount of calories. Your heart will not start pumping harder, and the whole process doesn’t last for more than a few seconds.

So, the painful truth is that there is no shortcut to losing weight. There is no substitute for eating in a healthy way and exercising.

Gas and Your Health

What Is Gas?

Gas is a mixture of swallowed air that comes into the digestive system and gas that is produced by bacteria in the lower intestine. The air that is swallowed can come in because of gum chewing, drinking carbonated drinks, or eating too quickly.

The bacteria in your intestines produce gases when they decompose the sugars and starches that your body does not digest. This process makes about two to six cups of gas per day. As it builds up, it must have a way of exiting the body. If you pass gas on a regular basis, it can be a sign that you’re eating enough fiber and have enough healthy bacteria in your intestines.

The type and frequency of farts can give you some clues to your health.

Stinky Farts

Around one percent of the gas manufactured by the intestines has a scent. That smell comes from hydrogen sulfide. This is a gas that is made when the body breaks down food that contains sulfur.

Many healthy foods make gas that has sulfur in it when they are digested. This gas is expelled from the body as a smelly fart. Foods that can do this to you include red meat, broccoli, cauliflower, beans, and dairy products.

Really Stinky Farts

While no fart smells terr