Easy Ways to Reduce Calories and Weight

Easy Ways to Reduce Calories and Weight

Losing weight and developing a healthy lifestyle is one of the most challenging yet rewarding things you can do for yourself.

The challenging part is figuring out exactly what to do to trigger your body to burn stored fat, while also changing the bad habits that cause your body to store additional fat. The rewarding part is seeing those pounds and inches drop off when you finally strike on the right “formula” that works best for you.

For virtually everyone, cutting calories is going to be a crucial part of that formula.

Eating too many calories is one of the major causes of overweight and obesity, simply because your body can”t convert large quantities of calories to fuel if you aren”t extremely active. A sure recipe for weight gain includes eating more calories than your body needs for fuel and living a sedentary lifestyle.

When you cut calories and start getting more active, the natural result is . . . (drum roll, please) easy weight loss!

This guide is going to share dozens of simple ways you can reduce your calorie intake each day. Believe it or not, you DON”T have to sacrifice flavor and satisfaction to lose weight – you can enjoy plenty of delicious meals and snacks.

Before we get to those tips, it”s important to note that cutting calories alone may not always be enough. Getting and staying as active as you can will help you burn a fair amount of calories each day, which not only allows more flexibility in your eating plan, but also helps speed up your metabolism.

It”s also important to drink plenty of water since your fat-burning machine (i.e. the liver) needs to be fully hydrated to function efficiently – in fact, all of your organs and muscles function better when you drink plenty of water. Bottom line: losing weight is much easier and quicker when you are fully hydrated.

Caution should be taken not to cut your daily calorie intake down TOO low – starving yourself will result in strong negative consequences that simply aren”t worth it in the long run.

Eat for energy and balanced nutrition, but avoid eating so much that you keep storing more fat.

Calorie Cutting: The Strategies

Below are some easy, effective strategies for cutting calories and eating less. You don”t have to use all of them at once, but rather choose some that best fit your lifestyle and preferences.

• Halve Your Portion Sizes

One of the easiest ways to cut calories is to start by putting approximately half of the amount of food on your plate that you think you will eat. If you start with smaller portions, you”ll probably discover that you”re satisfied after eating them and you don”t need to go back for seconds.

• Listen for Hunger Cues

If you typically eat at set times each day, try eating ONLY