Eating Good and Eating Well

The kitchen is dangerous, at least when it comes to being healthy. All your best-laid plans can go right out the window if you’re hungry. Really, really hungry. But all that can be different if you just have a plan. We’ll spend three blogs discussing specific ways you can eat, be satisfied, and even enjoy your favorite foods, all while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The key is substitution.


Fats are everywhere, especially as we approach this time of year. Foods packed with oils, butter, and other ingredients high in fat and cholesterol are in abundance. But don’t feel like you have to miss out!   With a few simple substitutions, you can feel better about what you’re eating.

  • Instead of oil, try using unsweetened applesauce.
  • Instead of butter, try avocado.
  • Instead of sour cream, try plain greek yogurt.
  • Don’t spread butter on that roll, use a nut butter such as almond or sunflower seed.

You can make good choices in the kitchen, even when you’re tired and hungry. HealthStatus can help you reach your fitness goals! To learn more about ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle, check us out today!


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