Even the Laziest Person Can Workout – Are You a Lazy Girl?

Even the Laziest Person Can Workout – Are You a Lazy Girl?

If you are like many women, the thought of having to workout doesn’t motivate you to get up and move around, but sounds like a good reason to take a nap. You may not be lazy per say, but you don’t have a lot of time or energy for hour-long workouts, five days a week like your friends seem to pull off. Luckily, you don’t have to dedicate a lot of time just to exercise.

It is important to first understand the reasons why you should be exercising on a regular basis, even if for only a few minutes a day. Here are some essential benefits of getting in a regular workout:

  • You can lose weight or maintain your current weight. A common reason people choose to exercise is in order to lose weight, but even if you are at an average weight and are fine with your body, that doesn’t mean it isn’t going to stay like that forever. Regular physical activity is important if you want to maintain your current weight as well. (find out your Ideal Healthy Weight here)
  • It improves your mood. When you exercise, it allows your brain to release happy chemicals called endorphins. These will help to improve your mood and can help with things like anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem.
  • You actually get more energy from working out. You get an excellent boost of energy every time you exercise. While it might seem like working out would make you more tired, the opposite is often true. If you exercise first thing in the morning, you have more energy to get you through the day.
  • Exercise is crucial for preventing life-threatening illnesses. Getting regular exercise can also help you prevent or manage illnesses like high blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes.

Tone Your Body Without Getting Up

If you are a true lazy girl, then just getting up off the couch or getting out of bed to workout can seem like a chore. If this is this is the case, why not do some exercises you can actually do without ever getting up? Here are some different workout ideas you can do right from your bed.

Yoga Moves

There are a few different yoga moves that don’t require you to be on the ground