Why Exercise Is Wise

Exercise to lose weight, build muscles, look and feel good. Exercise can bring up your energy levels and improve moods. You need at least thirty minutes or more of moderate to intense exercise to keep your body going.

Exercise benefits your body and mind. As you exercise you produce endorphins or chemicals that help you feel more peaceful and happy. Exercise is also a good way to help people sleep better. If you have depression and low- self-esteem get out and exercise. There is no doubt that exercising can help you look better. If you burn more calories you will appear more toned than those who just sit. Exercise is on one of the most important elements to maintain a healthy weight.

If you exercise you will lower the risk of certain diseases. Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and heart diseases will be reduced if you exercise. If you exercise you will age well. Women are prone to a condition called osteoporosis or a weakening of the bones as they age. If you do weight bearing exercises like running, walking or jumping you will keep your bones strong and reduce the rate of osteoporosis.

A well-balanced exercise routine includes aerobic exercises, strength training and flexibility training.

Wise Exercises

Aerobic exercises are any exercises that get your heart pumping and quicken your breathing patterns. When you give your heart a workout regularly it will get stronger and become more efficient in delivering oxygen. Playing sports is a great aerobic exercise or you can bike, run, swim, dance, cross-country ski, hike or walk quickly. Aerobic exercises can be done anywhere and at any time.

You need to utilize strength training to get benefits from regular exercises. Strength training exercise is wise since it helps the other muscles in your body exercise. When you use muscles they become stronger and you will be active for longer periods of time. Strong muscles protect you by supporting joints and helping to prevent injuries. Muscles also burn more energy when you are at rest and building muscles will help burn calories and maintain a healthy weight. You can use strength training for different muscle groups. For arms try rowing and push-ups. Legs can be strengthened by running and biking, leg squats, and jumping rope.

Strengthen your heart and muscles but also become flexible. Flexibility training will give you less worry about strained muscles and sprains. You can also improve your sports performances by being flexible. If you do martial arts you need flexibility. Dance, gymnastics, or any exercise that requires your move quickly and efficiently requires flexibility. Try exercises like ballet, gymnastics, yoga or Pilates. These are great choices to gain flexibility, strength and stamina. You also need to stretch before and after your workout to improve flexibility and prevent injuries. Use flexibility training, aerobic exercise and strength training to provide all around physical health.


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