Gum Chewing Good for You

Studies are showing that gum chewing helps speed recovery after stomach and intestine surgeries.  Chewing gum gets saliva flowing, stimulates hormones in your gut and in your pancreas all which enhance bowel functions.

There are over 320,000 colorectal surgeries in the United States each year.  Researchers at the Imperial College of London have analyzed 158 colon surgery patients and have found that those who chewed gum soon after surgery while still in the hospital had a faster return of bowel function.  And colon surgery patients cannot be released until your bowels are functioning again.

What other benefits can you get from a nice stick of gum?

According to researchers from the Mayo Clinic, chewing gum helps to raise metabolism and the number of calories burned. They found that, on average, study participants burned 11 more calories per hour when chewing gum than when they are not.  Those calories burned could add up over the course of a year.  Keep in mind most gum contains calories.

Gum can refresh your breath.  Had a fragrant or garlicky lunch, pop in a stick of gum and help freshen that breath before you head back to the office.  Your coworkers will appreciate your effort.

Trying to not munch when watching TV? Again gum to the rescue.  Give your mouth something to do to keep you from eating your way through a bag of potato chips.

Trying to stop smoking? It may help to keep your mouth busy with a stick of gum.

Do you hold tension in your jaw?  In our house we often can tell our level of stress by how tight and sore our jaws are.  Gum to the rescue.  Chewing gum helps your jaw keep moving and keeps you from gritting your teeth and retaining all of that stress.

Going on an airplane trip, don’t forget the gum to keep your ears popping from the pressure changes.

Increasing saliva is good for your teeth.  So a nice stick of sugar free gum can help to prevent future cavities.

Not only after surgeries but if you are experiencing heartburn or stomach aches you might try a stick of gum.  The gum increases saliva which helps neutralize stomach acid.

Gum isn’t just for children, find a brand that you like and enjoy, it can be good for your health!


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