What Has Happened to Our Serving Sizes?

What Has Happened to Our Serving Sizes?

In Charles Dickens Oliver Twist a starving Oliver states “Please sir, I want some more”.

Well with the fast food industry and super sizing sometimes firsts can be too much. In restaurants anymore the portions are so generous we are bringing home more doggie bags than ever.


What is going on with this trend? Have you shopped for dishes or cutlery lately? I think the problem may be the dishes we are using and silverware we are eating with that is causing a serious portion size mistake every time we eat.

I recently had guests over for a dinner of soup and rolls and a night of Wii gaming. I had my soup bowls on the counter” ¦.

(First off, I probably need to preface that I love old dishes. My everyday dishware is a 50 year old set passed down from my mother. They are beautiful.)

” ¦my guests were shocked by the size of my soup bowls. “What are these?” Now, these guests are dear friends so there was no offence in the question. They just were taken aback by how small my soup/cereal bowls were. This got me to thinking.

Has the size of our dinnerware grown so much that what used to be considered a serving is now thought not enough for a child?

Could the size of our plates and bowls been inadvertently adjusting our attitudes to what a true serving is?

Could this be affecting the overweight crisis we are facing in America?

Portion sizes, maybe it is not so much what we eat but how much we eat.

I recently read a health blog that stated that the health concern over fats was going out of favor and the concern over sugar consumption was taking its place. So we are no longer going to find packaging with “fat free” desirable, we are going to be looking for “sugar free”. These cyclical changes in the health industry recommendations seem more marketing driven to me versus health driven.

My father always preached “Everything in moderation”. Does everything c