Health Benefits of Blueberries

The common blueberry is more than just a muffin option, and has such a wealth of beneficial properties it’s a wonder it isn’t law to eat them every day. Blueberries have been in use as for their medicinal benefits longer than many people would think, as they were a staple in the folk medicines of Russian lore and used to combat some abdominal problems and as a preventative measure for other ailments.

BlueberriesBlueberries were also found in the Native American treatment plan, as the leaves of the berry were used in teas in the line of thinking as it was good for the blood (it is) and as a tool to help again coughing. And blueberries continue to be useful as both a preventer and a fixer in modern medicine, as a study presented in the Experimental Biology conference (circa 2009) explained to the public.

The study encompassed that a diet featuring a proper dosage of blueberries can help in the effort to lower blood cholesterol levels, improve the body”s control of glucose and the sensitivity of the body to insulin as well as helping to lower the risks of diabetes and heart disease. And not only are they one of the best berries to eat to help the body, they are actually bearable to eat as they have a nice taste (in the opinion of most.)

Some of the health aspects the berry offers to those who eat it are:

The highest anti-oxidant content of fresh fruit:

A blue berryThe blueberry is rich and plentiful in antioxidants, featuring some of the major players like anthocyanin, selenium, zinc, iron (also helps with immunity by raising hemoglobin levels and the oxygen content of the blood), copper (one of the most effective anti-bacterial compounds and immune builders), and vitamins C, E, A, and B complex. Basically, this collection of ingredients helps the body boost the quality of the immune system combined with being more resistant to infection. The berry almost single-handedly staves off sickness just by being such a thorough collection of vitamins and minerals.

UTI Prevention:

Blueberry juiceA UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) occurs due to the collection of a handful of menacing bacteria along the lining of the urinary tract, bacteria like b-coli that cause the infection itself. As many know, this infection is a combination of inflammation and burning sensations during urination, and if unchecked can lead to other more serious complications (like full on bladder infection.) The magical berry yet again works magic here as the molecular structure of the berry is formed of such large polymers (building blocks) that they physically prevent the formation of the bacteria on the wall, and serve as a means to knock off the existing bacteria off the urinary wall when the molecules of the berry pass by during regular urination.

While these are only two of the plethora of features the berry offers, there is a more important manner and that is how to know what berry to eat. Let”s fix this.

Choosing a berry:

The blueberries you want to consume should be firm with a vibrant, uniform color with a slight whitish of a bloom. Move the container a bit to see if the berries are moving freely, indicating they do not stick together or are not malformed. If the berries do not want to move, it is possible that they have softened or are bruised or even moldy.

Frozen blueberriesAll of these are factors that will reduce the quality of the berry, and depending on age and mold content can even be harmful during consumption. Avoid soft berries with a dull color, and avoid the berries that seem watery. The evidence of water within the berry indicates a decaying berry as a proper berry should be free of moisture. If purchasing frozen berries, shake the bag to see if the berries move around. If large portions do not move or break apart, it is an indicator that the berries have been thawed and re-frozen at least once and these are not ones to eat.

With this in mind, happy hunting in your search for quality berries, and happy eating.


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