Healthy Weight Week: What”s the Key?

January 19-25, 2014 is the 21st Annual Healthy Weight Week. Start out by ridding the world of fad and gimmick diets on Tuesday, January 21, and on January 23 is Women”s Healthy Weight Day. Celebrate eating healthy and diet-free live styles that last a lifetime. Prevent weight problems by realizing that health is not necessarily how many pounds (or kgs) you are carrying. Research, learn and dive into what you can do to be healthy.  

How to Celebrate Healthy Weight Week

You can be successful during healthy weight week by choosing activities that contribute to your health. Try out some of these activities at your own comfort level.

  1. Be active every day. Focus on moving and stress doing chores around the house that bring health and energy benefits. Don”t overdo it, just be aware. Start with five minutes a day doing exercise or a rigorous activity.   If you tend not to be active, gradually increase you activity. Work up to exercise until you can sustain activity for about 30 minutes a day every day. Try and avoid long periods of inactivity.
  2. Stop dieting. There is nothing successful in praying for weight loss and wanting to be rail thin.  Forget your weight-obsessive thoughts. Live life to the fullest. Be healthy. Don”t try and look like anyone else.
  3. Feel good about those around you. If you respect, tolerate and accept others, you will be treated the same way.
  4. Build on your own special talents. Use affirmations to enhance your life, self-respect and positive body image.
  5. Spend time in positive social activities.
  6. Discover normal eating. Eat at regular times to keep up energy levels. Listen to your body”s signals of fullness (stop eating!) and hunger (start eating). In other words, eat when you are hungry and stop when you are satisfied. Enjoy your food instead of snarfing it down .This alone will make you feel better and you will have weight reduction benefits.
  7. Embrace the five food groups in your everyday meal plans. Learn to love bread and grains, vegetables and fruits, diary and milk, plus meat and fish and poultry. Pick and choose and balance.
  8. Try to find time to relax. Take time to meditate or do something relaxing for fifteen minutes a day. Empty your mind and let your body slump for 30 seconds. Take these same relaxation breaks throughout the day. Stress is a leading component in high blood pressure, back pain, indigestion, headaches, anxiety, depression and confusion. If you experience irritability, mood swings, and anger you definitely need to get rid of stress. Try and be flexible. It is a fact Americans work too much and forget to relax. Find a flow in your life and stick with it.
  9. Health and strength comes in all sizes. Not everyone is a skinny size 5 nor would you want to be.
  10. Check with your doctor before starting any exercise or diet program. Don”t go it alone; find a buddy to help encourage you to be the best you can be.  

Give yourself a reward and the end of every week. If you set you challenges too high, cut back and don”t let them be a source of anxiety. If you make healthy living choices one step at a time you will be healthy long-term.

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