How to Lose Weight and Make Money at the Same Time

Weight loss is a concept that causes stress and frustration for thousands of people. The subreddit r/HealthyWeightLoss has over 3,000 members, and there are more than 36,000 weight loss products on Amazon. Marketing departments throw billions of dollars behind the idea that their product is going to be the one to help you lose weight. In truth, losing weight can be difficult, but there is a little-known trick that can help you shed pounds without spending a cent. In fact, you will likely make money. All you have to do is get a job that involves manual labor.

Manual labor may not seem glamorous or fun. Many people don’t like exerting themselves at work, or think they are above taking those jobs. Exercise could be considered equivalent to a job. Time spent solely on exercise is called a workout, and exercise and work can both provide health benefits.

So what kind of job could be considered manual labor? Simply put, any job that gets you moving is manual labor. Obvious examples of manual labor are warehouse work and couriering. According to Calorielab, stocking merchandise requires roughly 204 calories per hour. A bicycle courier burns around 475 calories going 12 to 13.5 miles per hour. Other types of manual labor are less obvious, such as working as a security guard, a teaching assistant, or a zookeeper. Security guards need to pass fitness tests in order to work, but they are frequently on their feet patrolling and can get a more effective workout if there is an issue. Teaching assistants need to move around to help individual students. Zookeepers do walking and lifting all the time to take care of their animals.

If you already have a full-time job, you could still do manual labor part time. Restaurants and retail stores need more employees during evenings and weekends. Becoming a tour guide could also be profitable if you know your city or town well. Landscaping or construction work can be a practical choice for a weekend job. In a four-hour shift of walking while carrying a light load, you could burn over 800 calories.

Manual labor might not pay as well as other types of jobs. The physical benefits are more than enough to outweigh the monetary loss. If you get a job that requires you to be physical, you will feel fit, look great, and have fewer health problems. Getting fit does not mean going to the gym. It could be as simple as going to work.


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