How To Stop Eating Sugar And Salt When You’re Stressed Out

How To Stop Eating Sugar And Salt When You’re Stressed Out

Stress eating plagues many people who struggle with weight and health problems. When we’re slammed emotionally, when the pressure builds up, we look for a way to relieve it. Food is often readily available, and modern food makes the foods most likely to deliver delicious bursts of positive chemical boosts easy to obtain. But those same foods that feel so good to eat are often damaging to our health when eaten as more than a very occasional treat in moderation.

Taking control of your diet is the basis of good overall health, which is why doctors continually remind us to watch what we eat. It might seem like an impossible task, but some simple steps can create a path forward to good health while helping you stay on track. Start with a food diary, listing and tracking what you eat. By looking it over, you can spot trends that might not have been apparent as you were taking them from plate to mouth. Caffeine is a common issue for many of us, and can be a simple thing to cut back on for an easy health boost. Look for healthy proteins and include them in every meal in the form of lean meats, dairy, nuts and beans, or even tofu. And if you find yourself hungry between meals, consider eating less at each meal, but eating more often than just the big three of breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Key Points:

  • 1One way to prevent stress eating is by keeping a food diary for 1-2 weeks where you write down the foods you ate and how you were feeling at the time.
  • 2It is important to include protein in your meals to keep your blood sugar stable and for satiety.
  • 3Eat in a calm environment where you are not distracted so your body can register the food you are eating.

It’s no secret that when we’re stressed, we often reach for comfort foods – and when we do – we go to town.

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