Australians’ are guilty of some bad health habits that could be contributing to the cause of their health issues. 8% of polled Aussies admitted to eating dinner later in the evening. The problem with this? Eating so late in the day can cause indigestion, heartburn, or even sleep disruptions. Dr. Joanna McMillan, a nutritional scientist, agrees that Australians should allow at least 12 hours between dinner and breakfast for proper digestion and minimal health side effects. She suggests dinner should be eaten no later than 6 pm and one should not snack or eat anything else until breakfast the next morning.

Another issue that Australians are guilty of is eating in front of the TV. A whopping half of Aussies admitted to this act. Eating in front of the TV can cause two problems. The first breaks Dr. McMillan’s 12 hour rule; many people opt to snack after dinner while watching their favorite shows. The second is that people who are actually eating their dinner in front of the television eat more and don’t pay attention to how much they’re eating or their level of fullness. They simply eat until there’s no more food.

One last note that Dr. McMillan makes urges people to buy healthier foods. It is a common misconception that healthier foods are more costly, but she disagrees. Buying local vegetables and healthier alternatives won’t cost you any more work or money.

With all of these suggestions combined, it is easy to cut down on the pounds without putting in a lot of work. That is the secret.

Key Points:

  • 150% of Australians eat in front of their TV and 8 out of 100 eat later than 8pm.
  • 2Going straight to bed after eating will lead to indigestion and hurt your sleep quality.
  • 3The later you eat, the more likely you will eat more food.

Australians should be allowing a 12-hour window of fasting between dinner and breakfast


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