Losing Weight by Drinking Water

Water is known as the ” “Universal Solvent” . It is also the basis of all life on earth. This precious liquid is often taken for granted, as it has no taste, no smell and no texture what so ever and because of this reason we usually replace it with caffeinated soft drinks and sugary sodas. Water can actually help a person lose weight and drinking water has many other health benefits as well.

Water Is The Best Detox Solution:

If you want to detox your body and get rid of all the chemicals that have built up in your system over the years, drinking copious amounts of water will flush your body of all these toxins. Water dissolves all chemicals and flushes unnecessary ions out of your body, and makes your skin glow. Drinking at least 8-10 glasses of water a day will help you detox along with avoiding caffeine and sodas.

Water Improves Kidney Function:

Most people drink less water than they should be drinking; this causes them to become dehydrated. A dehydrated person”s kidneys work less causing the liver to kick in and do extra work. This causes the body to release more toxins within its own system, and retain water as well as sodium. Drinking more water helps flush out all the toxins from your body and makes your kidneys work better.

Water Helps Cleanse The Intestines:

Most people don”t know what kind of food they are eating, and what their intestines are going through. Water helps remove the waste from the intestines and helps relive constipation. Constipation is a known cause of putting on excess weight and water helps the bowel movement become more normal.

Thirst Is Often Confused With Hunger Pangs:

Most people are dehydrated, and they don”t even realize that the feelings of constant fatigue and tiredness that they go through is because of dehydration. Due to constant dehydration, the body does not recognize the signals for thirst, and confuses it with hunger pangs! This causes you to eat more food instead of drinking water. Water also helps fill the stomach and makes you eat less food. Drinking a glass of water before meals and 2-3 glasses first thing in the morning will fill your belly up, help you detox and also help you lose weight.


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