How Many Calories Are Really In Your Favorite Coffee Drinks?

We all know the feeling, waking up in the morning not able to function without that first, or third, cup of coffee. Although you think you need it to get jumpstarted on the day, is it messing with your healthy diet and weight loss? HealthStatus outlines the calories in your favorite coffee shop drinks.

Calories Counter

In a normal 16 ounce cup, there’s:

  • 5 calories in a dark roast
  • 90 calories in an iced coffee
  • 120 calories in an iced coffee with milk
  • 120 calories in a cappuccino
  • 240 calories in a coffee Frappuccino
  • 250 calories in a vanilla latte
  • 370 calories in an espresso Frappuccino

When it comes to coffee shop drinks, it’s best to stick with a normal cup of coffee! The unhealthy choices are apparent; whipped cream, chocolate drizzles, and more.

Drinking your morning cup of coffee doesn’t need to be taken out of your daily routine, but just make sure you keep track of those pesky calories from add-ons, creams, and sugars.

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Ed Taylor
5. April 2015
Ed Taylor
5. April 2015
Health Status has good information. I hate those long drawn out stories of product that claim to work to make a buck and solve all your problems. All health information should be in detail, on the internet to make people healthier to reduce medical expenses.


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