The author and a co-author wrote a review about a low fat diet that they tried. They received quite a bit of negative responses regarding the diet, especially from people who believe that low carb diets are the best. The author wants to reiterate that not every diet works for every person but each diet does have long-term success stories. If someone finds a diet that works for them, that’s great. Food does not just keep our bodies going, but it is also a social outlet and comfort for some people. People have to actually like the diet they are following so that it is something they can stick to long-term. Long-term changes are necessary to have results last.

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Key Points:

  • 1A single diet does not work for everyone, but every diet works for someone.
  • 2A person must like their chosen diet enough to sustain it.
  • 3Someone touting a particular diet as the best solution has an agenda.

every diet out there has its long term success stories

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