Nutrition Strategies To Ensure You Never Feel Tired Again

Our food does a lot more than providing us nutrients and energy. Our diet is also responsible for our mood swings, depression, laziness, tiredness and other such feelings. Nutrients trigger hormones that in turn control our mood and attitude. Have you ever noticed that quick tummy full lunch of pasta or Chinese food makes us feel listless and lazy after an hour? Lack of water or liquid makes us dehydrated and we feel hazy and absent-minded.

One of the reasons for your persistent tired feeling can be incorrect diet or it can also be some other reason that can be corrected by diet. Follow these simple six nutrition tips and implement them in your daily diet to ensure that you never feel tired again.

Kick Start The Day With Healthy Breakfast — A healthy breakfast is important for an active and energetic day. Studies have linked healthy breakfast with lower levels of stress hormone cortisol. People taking daily breakfast have been reported to remain active and alert throughout the day compared to those who skip breakfast. A healthy breakfast should essentially comprise of fresh fruits, good quality protein and enough liquid to go along with it. A fibrous cereal-nuts mix flushed down with a glass of juice and topped with one or two seasonal fruit is a great way to start the day.

Eat At Frequent Interval — Take out some time and refuel your body every 2-3 hours for uninterrupted energy boost throughout the day. Busy schedules force us to opt for a square meal schedule. This is detrimental for health and attitude. It makes us feel lazy and is the major reason for weight gain. Large intakes drain the body immediately of large energy that is required to metabolize the food. This makes us listless and tired. After getting digested, this food releases energy at once which when unused gets stored as fat in the body. On the other hand, small meals release energy over a time, in small bursts that get utilized more efficiently.

Make Your Diets Fiber Rich — A diet rich in fiber restricts fast release of energy from the food. It slows down energy release from food thus making the energy supply controlled and constant. Body gets controlled energy at its disposal that it utilizes for its active tasks. If this energy is liberated uncontrolled (as in case of refined fiber free food), the body is unable to utilize all and the unused glucose get stored as glycogen. This adds to body weight on its subsequent conversion to body fat.

Stay Hydrated — Dehydration, caused due to simple negligence to drink water is a major cause of fatigue. Water makes up for blood, cells and other body fluids. A drop in water levels disrupts normal metabolic function. It also causes thickening of the blood. To ensure delivery of nutrients to cells through this blood, the heart has to work harder to pump more. This causes fatigue. To stay hydrated, ensure that you drink at least 2 liters of fluid per day. Eat fluid rich foods like yogurt, ice crushes, juicy fruits etc.

Balancing the diet in vitamins, minerals and proteins is not all that you can do to your diet. Eating right also means the right timing and right proportions, in addition to right content. Follow the above-mentioned tips to feel active and energetic throughout the day.


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