Plan for Weight Loss

Interview with a Weight Loss Expert

We will approach this interview as if we have someone who wants to lose weight. Our guest expert has a diverse background. His credentials include personal trainer certification, 26 years of fitness experience as well as several awards as a body builder and owner of his own gym.    Using the experience and expertise of our guest, we […]

What is all this Super Food Hype?

I think most of us will agree that good nutrition leads to better health. And that food delivers nutrients to our bodies even better than supplements. What is the definition of a Super Food? Are there Super Foods that can prevent disease?   What are some Super foods? Let’s look at some explanations.

Metabolic Typing Diet– A Diet Unique to You

Foods and nutrients affect different people differently. I am sure we all know someone who can drink 5 cups of coffee and not go haywire and then there is someone else who the minute they touch caffeine is bouncing off the walls. Lucretius, a Roman healer and philosopher, said, “One man’s food is another man’s poison.” Each of […]

12 Tips to Refuel and Keep Your Energy High

When our energy is high we have what it takes to conquer all that life throws at us. Here are 12 tips to keep your energy flying and your life moving in the direction you want it to go.

EGGciting News!

The egg appears to be the healthiest staple food on the planet. The egg is nutrient rich containing 13 essential vitamins and minerals and all 9 essential amino acids. An egg only contains 72 calories and provides 6.29 g of protein. So, why is the American public afraid to eat such a wonderful healthy food source?

Weight Management and CLA

Americans are having trouble keeping the weight off. Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) is a naturally occurring fatty acid that’s job is to turn the fats we consume into muscle and energy. CLA is not produced in our bodies, we must obtain it through the foods we eat or supplements we take. If we are not getting CLA in […]

When Losing Means Winning

Approximately 60 percent of Americans are trying to either lose or control their weight. And for good reason. It is estimated that 56 percent of adult Americans are overweight and almost 20 percent are obese.

The Benefits of Home Exercise

We all would like to lose weight and get in shape with a minimal effort. That’s how the fitness informercial makes billions per year, promising miraculous results without breaking a sweat.

Those Last 10 Pounds

Can’t lose those last 10 pounds? Or has your diet hit a plateau? Let’s pull together some ideas to help you jump start your body to drop that remaining weight.

Tips for Avoiding That Halloween Candy

Americans have an awful lot of holidays that focus on candy; Halloween, Valentine’s Day, and Easter. With Halloween just a few days away, October 31st for those of you not paying attention, I got to thinking about candy and ways to help me not train wreck all the healthful choices I have made over the summer. For […]