Smoking and Body Weight: What’s the Connection?

Do you ever wonder why so many smokers are thin? Is there a correlation between smoking and body weight? In this article we will explore that concept. There is evidence to support both sides of the argument. The studies tell us why smoking seems to make the smoker consume less calories than their non smoking counterpart. The nicotine absolutely affects the brain and our brain plays a large role in our consumption of calories. There are studies out there that also say there is no correlation over years of studies that prove that smokers are thinner people.This is all based on studies of association, not causation so in this article be sure to understand that as you are reading the following article.

Key Points:

  • 1The nicotine in cigarettes acts as an appetite suppresant
  • 2When people quit smoking they tend to gain weight
  • 3But even large changes in the prevalence of smoking had have little effect on obesity prevalence in the US.

Although I was aware of this association for years, I wanted to see what the literature had to say about the connection between smoking and weight.

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