Super Foods For Weight Loss

There are food planners and healthy eating shopping lists available online and through support groups. You do not always have to count calories. Using food lists will help you cut calories from high numbers to 1600-1900 calories per day for a man; 1500 to 1700 calories per day is great for a woman. Amazing weight loss results will be your reward.

Types of Super Foods

Nature’s awesome super foods are nourishing fruits, vegetables, grains and meats that aid in building bones, preventing lingering diseases and benefit in keeping your mind sharp. Super foods can help you lose weight and stay slim.

superfood_1Try a cup of black beans on a weekly basis. Black beans have 15 grams of protein and do not contain saturated fats. Spiced black beans hummus with marinated peaches?

Oats have been touted to be the cancer reducing grain. They are rich in fibers and help you feel full throughout the day. This helps you to reduce snacking and eating too much. Resistant starch helps boost metabolism and burns fat. This is the key to weight loss.

Avocados are yummy as a dip, but they have very healthy monounsaturated fats that trigger your body to stop hunger pangs. This is a great way to lose weight; don’t eat as much.

Eat salmon. It is a lean choice of protein and is full of omega-3 fatty acids that promote healthy living and weight loss. Dieters who eat a MUFA rich diet lost an average of nine pounds, and those who dieted on low-fats gained weight.

One of the yummiest super foods are blueberries. They are tiny but very powerful. A one cup serving is only 80 calories, but you receive 4 grams of fiber.

superfood_2If you have ever wondered why Asians are so small, look at their eating habits. They eat great quantities of brown rice which is a low-energy density food that is filing. Brown rice is also low in calories. Studies have shown that eating a low-energy density food will actually bring weigh under control.

Pears are a super food that has over 15 percent of your daily requirement for fiber. If you eat three pears a day you will consume fewer calories from other foods and lose more weight than you though possible. The skin is the best place for fiber; eat the skin.

Some of the most awesome super foods are almonds. Nuts are great but almonds in particular will help you lose those pounds. If you add a daily helping of nuts or almonds to your low-calories diet you will lose more weight than those who followed the same diet but ate crackers rather than almonds.

Green tea has been the favorite diet drink for years. Green tea hydrates like water but fills you up and helps shed pounds. The antioxidants in green tea will increase you fat and calorie burn. A current scientific and medical study states that if you drink five cups of green tea a day you will lose twice as much weight and that weight and fat stores will be removed from your middle.


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