These Simple Health Habits Are Better Than Any Diet

These Simple Health Habits Are Better Than Any Diet

A common maxim when it comes to eating is to exercise, and exercise moderation. That’s hard for a lot of people, so they prefer more direct, but also simpler, outlines of advice such as a specific diet. Which leads to diet crazes, because the fad food suggestions are easier to embrace when it just says “cut sugar” or “go Keto” or “kill carbs.”

One way to look at a diet is as a set of rules. It outlines what you will or won’t be eating. It offers a list of do eat and don’t eat foods. This is clear, it’s simple, and it’s spelled right out. Bread bad, sugar bad, fruits good, meat good, and so on according to whose diet you’re adhering to.

But easy isn’t always the best way when it comes to losing weight. Rather than signing up for the latest diet and hoping this one works, you might those results you’re craving by incorporating some simple, easy, and basic healthy eating and lifestyle tips that will get you to your goal.

  • Don’t eat in front of the TV.
  • When having a meal eat your vegetables first.
  • Reduce your use of social media.
  • Eat 2 pieces of fruit per day.
  • Go meat free one day a week.
  • Eat when you are hungry not according to the time.

There are 33 lifestyle rule changes in this article to help you meet your “healthier next year goals”.  Think of them like rules, but they’re little ones that don’t usually don’t require huge effort. Just keep them in mind as you go about your routine, and enjoy the results. Losing weight starts with a change, but small changes can add up big.

Key Points:

  • 1Losing weight doesn’t have to be about a strict diet; it can start with simple lifestyle changes.
  • 2When you cook, do it more often, and make more of the healthy things so you have good leftovers for a later meal.
  • 3Pile on the fruit, but slash the sugar; fiber will help while empty calories won’t.

Find reasons to walk. Walk to buy your groceries, get off the bus a few stops earlier, or for 20 minutes on your lunch break.

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