Want to Lose Weight? Use Intervals!

When starting an exercise program for purposes of weight loss, most people will choose activities that are high in duration but low in intensity. Walking or jogging for long distances, for example. Some studies show this isn’t necessarily the best way to achieve your goal. Interval training has been shown to be far more efficient at reducing weight when exercising.

Interval training, also known as High Intensity Interval Training, or simply Interval Training, is mixing short periods of very high effort exercises with other periods that are less intense. When done correctly, interval training can yield good results in only twenty-five minutes.

When interval training talks about high effort or high intensity exercises, this refers to the heart rate created by the exercise. Those that produce heart rates at ninety percent or more of your maximum heart rate quality as high intensity. Moderate exercises are those that fall within the fifty-five to sixty-five percent range. When one of each, one high and one moderate, exercise period are joined together, this is considered one interval exercise.

Interval training is becoming more popular because it squeezes more exercise out of less time. By mixing the high and moderate energy level activities, the body is pushed more, and more quickly as well. It’s shorter than traditional cardio training, but every bit as effective.

Key Points:

  • 1Interval training is a type of training that alternates low intensity with moderate intensity training.
  • 2Interval training burns up to three times more energy than aerobics.
  • 3Sprints and jogs, tabata, and rowing are three examples of interval training.

With interval training, we can work up to half the speed of traditional aerobics while burning up to three times as much fat.

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