Ways Exercise Makes You Happier

Ways Exercise Makes You Happier

You’ve been trying to live a healthier lifestyle. You’ve made a commitment to try to eat foods good for your body. Heck, you’re even attempting to increase your activity levels each day. But more often than not, you’re tempted to forego a full-fledged workout in favor of an evening on the sofa or lazing on the deck. The next time you’re tempted to take a pass on exercise, consider the following five ways physical fitness makes you happier. You just might find your motivation returning and your oomph accelerating!

– More dopamine is released in your brain when you exercise. Extra dopamine = elevated happiness levels. Make a point of engaging in regular exercise to ensure your brain is optimized for pleasure. Can you say natural intoxicant?

– Exercise is a fabulous stress reliever. Whether you’re punching a boxing bag or sweating away your worries on the treadmill, you’re likely to feel more in control of your stressors after a good workout. Being physically active won’t magically make your cares disappear, but you’ll definitely feel more confident with a take charge attitude after a brisk workout.

– Individuals who work out are often more productive in other aspects of their lives. Whether it’s work-related tasks you have to complete or chores at home, you’re likely to feel more energized to take on your duties after a good, sweaty exercise session.

– If you’re having troubles controlling your addictions, consider replacing your temptations with physical fitness. Whether you suffer from addictive behavior in your relationships or you’re often tempted by cigarettes or sugar, try working out instead. Each time you triumph over your temptations, your confidence will be boosted and your resolve will grow.

– Regular exercise can also increase the rate at which your brain cells regenerate. The more active you are, the more your brain is optimized for maximum efficiency. The next time you’re contemplating an evening on the couch instead of on the treadmill, consider the impact on your brain’s ability to function.

These are just five of numerous ways exercise can make you happier. While being physically fit is a reward itself, the impact of exercise on your happiness is an added benefit. Will you think any of these fitness tips the next time you’re contemplating taking time off from the gym?

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