What do doctors have to say about golf?

What do doctors have to say about golf?

Believe it or not, golf is actually good for your health. Even the United States Golf Association thinks so; they also advise that you should walk the golf course and avoid – as much as possible – riding in golf carts.

Although riding golf carts is the most convenient way to get yourself from one hole to the next, it will actually be better for your body if you walk. Walking pumps your heart, circulates your blood, and is an easy and fun way of exercising.

David Fay from the United States Golf Association thinks that the most pleasurable way to play golf is by walking.

Walking is a good form of exercise. It is the most basic and easy program of getting fit which almost anyone could do. Simply put, walking is good for you.

In Sweden, there are researchers who discovered that walking an eighteen hole game of golf equals anywhere from about forty to seventy percent of the intensity of an aerobic class workout.

In another study by cardiologist Edward Palank, golfers who walked the course regularly lowered their levels of bad cholesterol, while levels of good cholesterol remained steady. Golfers who typically road in carts did not show a decrease in bad cholesterol.

According to Golf Science International, four hours of golf playing was found to be comparable to attending a forty five minute fitness class.

The Northern Ohio Golf Association stated that when a golfer walks across a course, it is roughly equivalent to walking for three to four miles. This included walking around hills, over greens and tees.

Tips to increase the amount you walk while playing golf:

During a round of golf, try to walk along alternating holes so that by the end of your round of golf you should be able to have walked through a total of nine holes.

If you are feeling not up to it yet as fully as you should, that is okay. Maybe you could try walking on a set of nines while you can ride the other set.

If you have a golf partner and he or she insists that you ride along with him or her, make sure that you only ride on the cart path. You can then walk down to the fairway towards your ball.

Are you convinced yet? If not, try to look at it this way. If your health is not good enough reason for you to walk, then at least take pity and be considerate of the damage that golf carts do to fairways.

Believe it or not, golf carts do create damage around sand traps and around the greens. Even if carts are not supposed to ride along these areas there are those that don’t obey this golf course rule.

For the sake of the greens, go walk! So now that you know, it would not hurt you to consider walking along, across, over, or through those greens now would it?

If you need an excuse to go golf you might let your significant other know that you are only golfing for the good of your health. And if you are losing your spouse for 4 hours every weekend, remember, they are improving there health while out there on the course, just make sure they are walking, not riding.


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