What To Do If You Eat Lunch Too Early

What To Do If You Eat Lunch Too Early

Even with the best intentions, the pressures of a busy schedule might lead to raiding your lunch or otherwise digging into the midday meal hours ahead of time. If this starts to become a regular habit, it could be a sign your meal arrangements might need some tweaking.

Busy and active people sometimes need more to eat, plain and simple. Or, at least, a more frequent distribution of the food you eat. Early morning gym visits, a slammed office schedule, or more can lead to your body crying out for calories. Arranging for a snack or two in your meal planning can sometimes be enough to sate your cravings. If it consistently becomes a need to look for something more substantial every morning, also consider increasing the size and heft of what you sit down to at breakfast. Or consider pushing breakfast back a bit, until after the earliest power activities you find yourself engaging in every day.

What you eat can be just as important. The problem could be as simple as neglecting protein and dense calories in the food you’re laying out for that first meal. Bread and fruit smoothies might be quick, and even seem healthy, but consistent hunger can be your body crying out that it needs more.

Key Points:

  • 1Consistent hunger can be a result of both an active schedule and poor meal planning.
  • 2Focusing on a bigger breakfast, or one that changes up lighter foods for more substantial ones, can curb mid-morning cravings.
  • 3A snack partway through the morning might be necessary to deal with hunger issues, especially after a gym session.

Eating something first thing in the morning is a great way to boost your metabolic rate after the night’s fast.

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