Why Am I Not Losing Weight?

On the surface, weight loss seems simple. Just eat less. Monitor your diet, and watch the pounds melt away. Sometimes though, time can pass while maintaining an altered diet and there is no change in the scale’s readout. That can cause frustration, but like most things knowing what’s going on can help reduce that stress. Information offers you the chance to make informed decisions, and will help you stay on track for your goals.

Step one for a weight loss diet is to stick to it. Eating better, more healthy, most of the time but then allowing yourself to splurge can eliminate any gains the healthy meals offers you. Further, it’s not just about healthy; it’s about reducing calories. Switching out fatty and sugary foods is good, but if they’re replaced with healthier options that still rack up the calories, you’re still eating as much as you once did.

Another common issue is delaying the start of the diet. Research will be conducted, information gathered, but you keep telling yourself tomorrow will be the day. Make tomorrow today; start the changes now. That goes for exercise as well. Reducing caloric intake is helpful, but activity levels go hand in hand with diet when it comes to weight loss. In fact, it’s possible to maintain the same diet, but exercise sufficiently, and still see the weight come off.

Key Points:

  • 1There are many times where we just say it is a small piece of chocolate how could it hurt? Overtime these small bites add up to quite a bit.
  • 2Many people eat too much in the evening and not enough in the morning.
  • 3People tell themselves they will start tomorrow but in actuality they need to start now.

You want to lose weight, you start to pay attention to what you eat, you decide to move more, and yet the weight is still the same. You do not know what’s going on, you start to doubt the meaning of what you do and, as a result, accuse your diet. Do you know that feeling?

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