Why the First Few Days of a Weight Loss Plan Are the Hardest

When you first start a weight loss plan, the first few days of it will likely be the most difficult to get through.

There are a few reasons for this:

– You’re not used to eating healthy foods.

– High fiber foods might give you a stomach ache.

– Too much water might make you want to camp out in the bathroom.

– You might feel low on energy if you have reduced your sugar intake.

– You might feel cranky because you can’t have your favorite sweets or other foods.

Getting through several days of this unpleasantness can be tough, but it gets easier if you keep these things in mind:

First, the unpleasantness is temporary.   It will last a few days at most and then you’ll start feeling better.   The tummy aches will stop, the extra trips to the bathroom will slow down, and you’ll start feeling better because your diet is improving.

Second, be sure to go easy on yourself.   Don’t try to overhaul your entire eating and exercise routines simultaneously because you’ll just feel overwhelmed.   Instead, make smaller changes that you won’t mind so much, and you can gradually make larger changes as you go along.

Third, be forgiving.   If you do happen to slide back into old habits during those first few days, it does NOT mean you ruined your diet.   It means you made a little mistake.   No big deal.   Just get back on your plan and continue on your merry way.   If you beat yourself up over one slip, you’re much more likely to stop the diet and re-start it maybe tomorrow, maybe next week, maybe never.

Last, make it up to yourself in other ways.   All right, you’re not feeling so hot as far as you diet and exercise plan go, but you can make up for it by nurturing yourself in other ways.   Allow extra time to snuggle up with a good book in the evening; invest in a professional massage; or make time to enjoy a soothing bath before bed.   Little self-pampering activities like this can ease the pain of forming new habits and make sticking to your plan a little easier.


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