Let’s Zumba, Kids!

There used to be times when kids, if left to their own devices, would spend most of their time outdoors, running around and playing with their friends. It was difficult to get them inside. Times have changed. Now, many parents have difficulty getting their kids away from their computers, play stations and TVs. Pediatricians say that it is crucial to get kids used to various types of physical exercises while they are very young, to establish a healthy habit for the rest of their life. So, why not get your kids to do yoga or dance zumba?

Yoga for kids

The Next Generation Yoga was founded by the former school teacher Jodi Komitor. She believes that kids greatly benefit from the movements of ancient yoga practice. But, this is yoga with the twist. No quiet, serene atmosphere there. Classes are often noisy and offer kids ways for self-expression and pure play, while learning the basic yoga poses.

No Next Generation Yoga in your neck of the woods? Why not getting a yoga video and make your own version of yoga exercises for your kids? It does not matter that you are not an expert. Kids will have great fun, especially at your expense, but they will learn to enjoy the movements and the work of the muscles.

Zumba, anyone?

Zumba is a very popular Latin-inspired dance fitness program that is perfectly suited for kids. There are number of videos online, so you can organize your own party, or get together with a few friends who have kids of the same age. Get into the spirit of things, let kids go crazy and both kids and you will work up quite a sweat.

Dancing is great exercise and kids love it, especially girls. If you let them get dressed up for it, it will always be a hit.

Marshal arts

If you cannot get your boy to zumba, he might be more interested in one of many kinds of marshal arts. Whatever kind he chooses, marshal arts are not only excellent exercise programs, but they develop discipline and a sense of self-control.

It is unfortunate that many kids are not safe any more to play in their local parks, like we used to do. While indoor activities are not the same as running through fields and woods, they have the power to get the kids away from the ” Ëœobesity machines’ – home electronics. According to the CDC, about 17 percents or more than 12 million American kids are obese. Research shows that kids who are used to regular physical activities from early childhood continue with it throughout their lives.

Getting your kids to be active might mean that you have to do it too. Example has much more power than words, so get moving. It will do you good. The more fun kids have, the more they will stick to it. And if they do not, get them involved in something else, as long as it gets them to learn to develop their motor skills and learn running, throwing, kicking, twisting, hopping and all that goes with it. So, get your baby out of the stroller and onto the dance floor and get zumba!


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